California Dreamin' - Guest Post for The Explorationists

So earlier this month I wrote a guest post for my friends The Explorationists about moving to LA, starting over & facing your fears. This was the first time I took a shot at writing, usually I prefer to just have the visuals speak for themselves, but the whole process was really satisfying. Not to mention the great feedback! So I hope you enjoy it & feel free to tell me what you think.

To the West Coast

A couple weeks ago I packed up all my things & moved across country to the Golden State. A total of some 2,800+ miles over 6 days from Greenville > New Orleans > Austin > Marfa > Albuquerque > Phoenix > LA. It was one of the most amazing & daunting road trips I've ever taken in my life because I stubbornly decided to make the drive by myself! But broke up the trip with stops to see friends & family along the way & of course some beautiful sights like White Sands, Marfa, Montezuma's Castle & the Prada art instillation. 

The full photo story is on VSCO Journal but here's a couple highlights.

West Coast Road Trip

I recently took a solo road trip up the West coast & was blown away by the beauty, architecture & colors that surrounded me from LA > Big Sur > SF > Portland > Seattle. Specifically in SoCal/LA, every day held a new adventure. Traveling solo was such an amazing experience too, it opened me up to the journey that came my way, something I've never quite experienced when traveling with a friend. 
Here are some of my favorite shots.

Check out the full photo story on VSCO Journal