- SolarCity Website & Campaign - UI / Visual Design-

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SolarCity wanted a clean & sharp looking blog that would hold various content along with
a campaign that would show the excitement of saving on your energy bill.
Client: SolarCity | Agency: Standard Time | Website: The Daily Peak

- Company Analysis -

Company Information:
Name: SolarCity
Location: San Mateo, CA
Company Size: 10,000+

"SolarCity is a national leader in clean energy services.
The SolarCity team is smart, open minded and passionate about helping our customers help the environment. We are a dynamic company known for its casual, team-oriented work atmosphere. We provide opportunities for growth and advancement to employees at all levels."

+ Partnered with Tesla
+ Can lower overall electric bill
+ On the forefront of a quickly growing sustainable energy field

+ Costly & works only for homeowners with roof space
+ Is not a full replacement for other energies only a supplement
+ Many people are still skeptical of solar energy

- Website Strategy -

Problem: SolarCity wanted a resource for customers to refer & learn new information about solar energy, but one that isn't under the SolarCity name & site. 

Solution: To create a independent blog & resource that has everything there is to know about solar energy with regularly updated content. 

Key Features: 
+ Responsive website to be read for mobile & desktop
+ Branding to be slightly different then SolarCity
+ Clean layout & easy to navigate
+ 5 categories to target 5 different groups of customers

- Sitemap -

SolarCity | Sallie Harrison

- Wireframes -

SolarCity | Sallie Harrison

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