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| UI & Visual Design |

SEPHORA releases a monthly beauty box with 6 sample products to their select subscribers. Every month there is a new theme with various parts: email teasers, desktop & mobile versions. All content was made through Standard Time LA & Creative Director Ashley Jones.


- Company Analysis -

+ Devoted customers base
+ Create unique & personalized content each month
+ Is the go-to one-stop shop for beauty products

+ Unique & personalized content based off the customers skin type
+ Informative information presented in a fun & playful design
+ Higher user engagment

Company Information:
Name: Sephora
Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Size: 10,000+

"Obsessed with teaching and inspiring our clients to play in our world of beauty. We’ve earned our reputation as a leader in a global industry with our expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit."

- Website Strategy -

Key Features:  
+ Clean / Summer inspired design
+ Interactive content that can be clicked through
+ Personalized information based off customers skin type
+ Video tutorials & easy to apply tips

Problem: Sephora wanted to create personalized monthly content based off the customers skin type but still wanted the site to be fun, interactive & informative. 

Solution: We started with giving a call to action to invite the customers to "Join the conversation" & increase the interaction rate. As well as adding mobile pop-ups & email blasts to remind the customers each month, all while keeping within Sephora's fun & playful style.

- Hi - Res Prototypes -