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A website for Makeup Artist, Georgie Eisdell with a focus on clean & modern design to showcase her celebrity clientele.
Website: www.GeorgieEisdell.com

- Client Analysis -

Client Information:
Name: Georgie Eisdell - Celebrity Makeup Artist

Description: "Australian born artist & now located in Los Angeles, Georgie Eisdell is one of the most sought after and trusted creatives of this generation. Her eye for detail and her exceptional way of creating fresh and inspired looks makes Georgie a trusted and admired go to professional."

+ Portfolio site to showcase work
+ Easily updatable
+ Organized & easy navigation with potential to hold additional content
+ Luxury & high fashion feel
+ Stand out from contemporaries

- Website Strategy -

Key Features:  
+ Simple layout
+ Organized hiearchy
+ About & Bio page for additional information
+ Black background & reversed type for luxury feel
+ Landing page to enter site
+ Responsive web & mobile layout

Problem: Currently needs a personal portfolio site that can showcase all of Georgie's work. One that can be easily updated in the near future & stands out among her contemporaries.

Solution: We ended up designing a clean & minimal site that focused on her huge depth of work allowing the professional phototgraphy & video content to be the main focus. We also added a landing page to enter the site to make a larger impact & invite the user into the site evolking a more personal feel.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist | Sallie Harrison

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Georgie Eisdell Website | Sallie Harrison

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