Melted Holographic Images + How To

Lately I've been really intrigued with dripping / melted holographic textures. So I finally decided to make my own & I'm really excited with the end results.

Here is a quick walk through for you to try it yourself.
- Get some holographic paper at your local art supply store or online here.
- Then photograph or scan the paper. I photographed mine outside with natural light since the colors change depending on the sunlight & angles.
- Then take the images into Photoshop to manipulate them & add the melted texture. I recommend using the Liquify tool for the specific melted look. 

Final shots below. Hope you enjoy & take a stab at it yourself!

Totally Savage Show

You are all officially invited to a collaborative art show that I'm joining by my friends Twin Beast at the Co-Lab Gallery Friday Nov. 13th in Highland Park, Los Angeles. There will be a couple of my architectural photography pieces from the series Geometric LA as well as lots of art, patches & just plain cool stuff. 

Reception starts at 7pm. Come by & say hi!

Poster done by the very talented folks of Twin Beast.

California Dreamin' - Guest Post for The Explorationists

So earlier this month I wrote a guest post for my friends The Explorationists about moving to LA, starting over & facing your fears. This was the first time I took a shot at writing, usually I prefer to just have the visuals speak for themselves, but the whole process was really satisfying. Not to mention the great feedback! So I hope you enjoy it & feel free to tell me what you think.